123 movies reincarnated as Gomovies

If you are a lover of movies just like me, I’m sure that you would have accessed many online streaming sites and applications. The good thing about the technological evolution is that we have a plethora of apps and website which will introduce you to the world of online videos and movie watching.

Amongst the popular websites like  Kickass torrents, torrentz.eu and many other torrenting sites, 123Movies is a popular name. 123movies offer streaming to various movies and I must say that the collection is top notch. Also, one could download from 123movies to later view the movie offline. However, the stalwarts of online movie viewing were dumbstruck when the website was having some issues and it suffered a crackdown. If you have been waiting for the website to be up and running and were wondering if you will be able to get back the same movie streaming, it is back as GoMovies. There have been many reasons for this re branding activity by the company which I will be highlighting ahead.

123Movies back with a new name

After the shutdown of around a week, the company decided to come back with a new name and came out with 123movieshd.to.  However, this name was not able to get back the same response and was only a temporary move. So, later the company decided to give it a new name and 123Movies got officially renamed as GoMovies. The new domain name we have today is GoMovies.to

The reason for rebranding-

Well, there have many speculations about this change f name and one of them being that the 123Movies was used by many other companies who were into piracy. In order to cope with this forgery and cope up with the piracy issues, the company planned to rebrand itself to GoMovies, however, initially it took up the named as MeMovies which was later changed to GoMovies. Now you can access the website with the domain name GoMovies.To.

Talking about the website changes, most parts of the website remain the same, only the logo and domain name is different. The company is still working on the development part of the new website and is linking the old domain name, 23movies.is and 123movies.to, to GoMovies.To.

Another reason for the company to change the name is that they have the new owner who has taken over the charge. The company says that rebranding is a part of the new strategy of GoMovies. It wants to differentiate itself from other piracy websites who have been using 123Movies as part of their name.

There were other speculations which mentioned that Hollywood had reported this website to be a hub for many pirate activities making the authorities to prosecute the site operator. Apart from this, Hollywood also claims the website is already blocked by UK’s ISP.

Amidst all these speculations and apprehensions, the good news is that we have all new 123Movies rebranded as GoMovies which will offer its users the same movie viewing experience. Despite all the alleged claims, 123Movies/GoMovies still remains my personal favourite movie streaming website and if you too agree with me, don’t forget to drop your comments below.

Rajendra Choudhary

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