I often use to read other famous blogs like Lifehacker , ProBlogger, BloggingTips&Tricks, Null Byte Wonder How-to , NeilPatel or ShoutMeLoud. But Sometimes you don’t have any internet connection whether you are on a plane or you are not in your town then we have nothing to do and whole time i was asking to myself that is there any way to download whole website. Then i got this idea to publish a blog post on how to download a website completely for offline viewing.

There may be different reasons why you want to download an entire website.Some developers, newbies download a website and all links in it to test the codes, check html or scripts.Techies and Geeks also like to fill up their hard disk with Webpages to read offline when there is no internet connection. And if you are a blog lover and often like to read other blogs then This post is a lifesaver for you.

Well it’s on you like You want to Download an entire website and all links in it or You just want to download only some specific webpages for offline reading. May be you don’t have enough space to download a website completely and all links in it then you might like to download only latest news, New articles from a website. Well I’ll help you through all sections. You can go directly to section in which you are really interested in.

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Download Entire Website with HTTrack website Copier

There is an Open Source Software called HTTrack to Download a website for offline Reading and Browsing even we can Download a whole website and all links in it. This Open Source Software is available of linux and windows. This website downloader ‘s full version is free to use and available here.

At Starting This Website Downloader / Copier may looks complicated but after few clicks you will see it’s easy to use. It is the most widely used software to download a website for offline viewing.  If someone asks me to give rating to to this website Copier then i will give five out of five.

Remember initially your Anti Virus may warn you while installing this App, avoid it.

Download Whole Website with GetLeft

Getleft is another way to download an entire website.

Getleft is a simple-to-use application which allows you to download content from the online environment. It can be handled by individuals of any level of experience.

Upon program initialization, you can configure settings when it comes to the interface language, proxy server and authentication details

The interface of this application is plain and easy to work with, So you shouldn’t have any navigation problems if you are already familiarized with similar software tools. So, all you have to do is specify the URL and output directory, in order to start a task this can be performed immediately or postponed until further notice.

GetLeft is easily available on internet. You can download from anywhere.

Download Only Latest News With Calibre

As i said earlier if you don’t want to download entire website completely, You are interested in latest news or latest posts then you might like to download some specific webpages for offline reading. Thus this section is for you.

There are bunch of options to make this task easy. Some websites will do this job for free. Here is a Software Calibre which can convert your latest news in a PDF ebook. Yeah! You can download a ebook of latest news from a blog. They says –

how to download a website for offline reading using calibreCALIBRE IS THE ONE STOP SOLUTION TO ALL YOUR E-BOOK NEEDS

Calibre is free to use. There are both free and paid versions for this. To work with more efficiently you need to purchase the full version.

Download Whole Website with IDM Grabber tool for Offline Reading

After HttRack there is a another way also to download a entire website completely for offline viewing and reading. I am talking about IDM ( Internet Download Manager ). Basically this app is available for Windows , Mac users . IDM provides an attractive GUI to manage Downloads. This app has built in features which helps it to integrate it Browsers like Chrome , Firefox etc.

According to a survey every one Windows pc out of 10 have IDM installed. But most of guys are unknown from it’s Grabber tool which can download whole website completely and all links in it.

But it takes too much time, because Grabber look up into every script of a website. The unique feature of IDM is we can download a single page also from any website.

Download Entire Web Sites in Firefox using ScrapBook

Extension zone is powerful for techies. Geeks and techies are taking best use of it. If you are going to use extensions then i will recommend to use Firefox instead of Chrome. Chrome has also a variety of extensions there is a limit on Chrome security system. Firefox is providing best GUI Beyond limits for extensions.

ScrapBook is an awesome Firefox extension that helps you to save web pages and organize them in a very easy to manage way. The different thing about this add-on is that you can save a specific webpage with this. it have some broad features like

  • download Entire website
  • Editing of web page
  • Save a specific webpage
  • Save a portion of a webpage
  • Easy, light and speedy in use
  • Works with CSS, Jquery
  • Supports Multiple languages


So there are many ways to download a website. You can save a webpage by “save as”( ctrl +s) in any browser. If you are a programmer and familiar with html language then you should know about wget feature.

Httrack is easy to use, simple and efficient. IDM’s Grabber tool is not easier and time consuming , But if you need to download a website for once and IDM is installed in your PC then Why to fill your Hard Disk with other software.

If you are a ebook reader and android user and you like to read latest news then you might like to use Calibre. Or You are a Extension addicted then ScrapBook add on is for you.

There are some other ways too. Notify me through comments if there is another attractive way, and Don’t forget to share with your friends.

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Rajendra is a Cyber Security Analyst, Developer & Professional Blogger. His free time is spent on Blogging, Wordpress, Creating Videos for Youtube Channel to share his knowledge with rest of us

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