Start Menu in Windows 8 or 8.1 is my favorite always. Where we can easily Open different Apps and play games. I like the user interface they provide there. There are more exploring options there to choose colors, background and live tiles features which makes it unique.

But only few people knows that we can Customize or Change Start Menu Icons, App list according to our Requirements. There is not any option listed by Microsoft to do this. It is a simple trick, few days ago i came to know about it. And now i want to share this with you.

I know this post will not provide too much traffic to my blog, I just wanaa share this with you. I want to help those folks who search on google like how to change or customize start menu Icons,  Hope this will be helpful to you.

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In this Tutorial i am showing guide for windows 8 . Let’s take a look on what we will cover in this post.

  • Change Background & Color
  • Resize tiles
  • Disable or Enable Live Tiles
  • Pin an App in Start Menu
  • Unpin an App from Start Menu
  • Make a new folder in Start Menu

Change Start Menu Icons App list & Create a New folder There

This is a simple trick to Change Start menu icons, Customize and Create a new folder. Microsoft does not provide any kind of information about to create a new folder in start menu but here it is available.

  • First Press Windows Button or Go to Start Menu
  • Click the arrow button to explore more apps

How to Change Start Menu Icons [ Customize ] in Windows 8 arrow button







  • Right Click on any app and click on Open file location

How to Change Start Menu Icons [ Customize ] in Windows 8 open file location








  • Now you will be on this directory C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs
  • You can manually create a new folder which will go directly to Start Menu
  • To add an app to Start menu you can copy a shortcut of app here

Change Windows 8 Start Menu Background & Color

In this section i will talk about all those backgrounds and colors you can apply behind start menu in windows 8. In Windows 8 Backgrounds can be applied in two styles, there are static backgrounds and animated backgrounds, which move as you scroll.
How to Change Start Menu Icons [ Customize ] in Windows 8 personalizeTo start with this, Press WIN+I while you are in Start Menu then choose your Background Color , Image to
Customize Windows 8 Start Menu Apps


How to Change Start Menu Icons [ Customize ] in Windows 8 settings

Customize Live Tiles

Live Tiles are awesome for certain things like showing weather, live cricket scores, news articles to enhance your Machine beyond it’s capabilities

Turn Off the Live Tiles

But sometimes More Live Tiles can freeze your Laptop, decrease Speed and most important thing it consumes your internet connection data, So to save your data and to increase speed we need to turn of live tiles , for that windows provides a easy option

  • Yeah! We can just Turn Off the live Tiles By right Clicking on a tile and make them as turn live tile off

How to Change Start Menu Icons [ Customize ] in Windows 8 turn live tile off











  • And You can Turn that on again by just same process

Resize Live Tiles

You can set a specific size for Live Tiles. Basically there are four sizes for live tiles as small, Medium,  large and wide

  • To Change size of a Tile just right click on it and then go to Resize option and choose your size

How to Change Start Menu Icons [ Customize ] in Windows 8 Resize live tiles

Pin/Unpin an App to Start Menu

You want to access all apps from Start Menu, then you need to pin app to start Menu. When we install an app then it asks to pin this to Start Menu or not, Well if you don’t pin an App while installing it then don’t worry there is a simple way to pin it.

  • Just Right click anywhere on app and click on Pin to Start

How to Change Start Menu Icons [ Customize ] in Windows 8 pin to start










  • By this way you can easily access an app from start menu

But if there are too many Apps in your start menu then you need to unpin them

  • Go to Start Menu and Right Click on app and click Unpin from Start

From Editor’s Desk

So this was an easy Guide to Change Start menu icons, Customize Start Menu, Change Start Menu App icons in windows 8 , Resize Tiles , Turn them off or On, Pin or Unpin Apps to Start Menu.There are more ways to do it available on Windows Website . Suggestions are welcomed through comment box .

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