Indian Hacker Shown How to hack Facebook account

While techies, geeks and newbies are searching for how to hack into facebook account, an Indian Security Researcher Anand Prakash proved it was so easy, Yeah ! “it was” now the bug is fixed by Facebook. It was a zero day vulnerability. Even Facebook Awarded a big bounty to Anand Prakash about 10 Lakh [15000$]. The Vulnerability was simple but as security purpose it was a strong vulnerability.

Well i forget to mention, After successfully blogging 7 months we had launched new niche News,in which all posts are related to  and here it is first post. Cheers to motivators and inspires that helped us in enhancing our capabilities.

Before 21 Feb ( the vulnerability discovers) A simple Security Researcher or One with some hacking skills can easily hack into your facebook account, can change your facebook password and can read your facebook messages. But it was a Indian Hacker Anand Prakash, an Security Researcher at Flipkart who made facebook secure

Indian Hacker Shown How to hack Facebook account anand prakashWhen You will go to Prakash’s twitter profile You will see “Bug Bounty Hunter”. Yeah this guy spends 2-4 hours in weekends to discover bugs only. Not only Facebook , He also discoverd bug for Twitter, Google, RedHat, Adobe, and many other US based companies and for that he has won rewards but the funny thing is, he identified a loophole for Zomato and you know what they gave him – a Thanky ou message

Now Come to Technical Part of this Simple Bug/Vulnerability

There is a beta version of Facebook. The strange thing was that bug worked only in beta version of Facebook i.e. and

There is an option of forget password in Facebook, which sends a 6 digit code to registered email id or mobile. We can enter wrong code only 12 times

Prakash discovers that  in beta version we can enter that 6 digit code infinite times. By this way someone can easily hack into your Facebook Account with a Bruteforce attack.

Let’s see How Prakash did this

He used a Brute force attacker Software Called BurpSuite which is pre installed in Kali Linux

He also Uploaded a video of it, Later it was deleted from Youtube but still Available on Vimeo. According to Prakash Blog Post the Facebook hacking vulneribility exists only on and

Editor’s Desk- Well that was an Simple Vulneribility, but it was very serious kind of bug for a billion dollar Company ,By the way Vulneribility is fixed now. These Guys Inspires us and Who knows You will be the next Bount Hunter

Rajendra Choudhary

Rajendra Choudhary is a engineering student and a professional blogger. His free time is spent on blogging, wordpress, creating videos for youtube channel to share his knowledge with rest of us

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