Unblock Yourself from someone’s WhatsApp

Recently i have received some emails from visitors. They asked me to Publish some posts about the messenger app WhatsApp.So this is the first post in WhatsApp category. I will publish some more posts ASAP.

WhatsApp needs no introduction at all. it was 2009 when WhatsApp messenger was founded from two former ex Yahoo employees. Now in October 2k15 , WhatsApp reached 900 million (90 Cr.) active users all around world.

it has some fabulous features but the block feature of WhatsApp is worst part of it. i hate block feature in WhatsApp. when a user block us on WhatsApp then we can not send message him and even we can not check his DP or status

That’s why today i am sharing a trick with you to unblock yourself from your friend’s WhatsApp Account. Just read the complete post, follow all the steps and apply one of these methods.

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There are two methods to unblock yourself from someone’s WhatsApp. My favorite is first Method because it is easy and time saving

Unblock Yourself By Creating a Group

  • To better understand this assume that, You are Raj and  Your friend John blocked You on WhatsApp. So now Your friend Jack will help You 
  • Ask Your friend Jack to create a new WhatsApp group
  • Now tell  to add you and other one who block you ( John ) in this group
  • Now tell Jack to get out of this group or exit group
  • Congratulations , now there are only two persons in that group
  • So dare your friends who blocked you

video made it easy

Unblock Yourself By Deleting Account

  • Go to Your Account Settings and Click on Delete Account
  • Now Uninstall the WhatsApp Messenger app from your phone
  • Now go to play store (for android users) window store or Apple app store
  • Download and install WhatsApp again in your phone
  • Select basic settings like Name, phone no.
  • Now You will see that You are unblocked from all that who blocked you and the user who blocked you have no idea what’s going on..

There are more hacking tutorials on this site too. Learn How to Resolve Problem You’re temporarily Banned form WhatsApp

fire up comments and tell me how was these basic tricks.


Rajendra Choudhary

Rajendra Choudhary is a engineering student and a professional blogger. His free time is spent on blogging, wordpress, creating videos for youtube channel to share his knowledge with rest of us

  • deep

    Method also works on new version of whatsapp

  • rohan

    In the latest whatsapp version even if you delete the account and uninstall app,reboot phone and and download app start from step 1 you still dont get unblocked any work around.

    • yeah you are right. The post was published on October and last version became older on 30 october. BTW thanks for your information. then there is only one method to unblock yourself

  • rohan

    Could you please help me with the method.

  • rohan

    I tried the grp thing it did not work for long ,moreover deleting the account also does not wrk u still stay blocked.

  • Anikesh

    Doesn’t work…! Plz help

  • Div

    Deleting a account from WhatsApp is not working

    • Actually i mentioned there two methods. in new version of WhatsApp they fix it so Deleting your account now will not work. but you can try another trick of creating a group

  • after following this method can i restore the previous messages

  • Henrietta

    Hello. My wathsApp is not working. What can I do?

    • what error it is showing ?

      • vivek

        How can ihack someone whatsapp for read msgs

      • manoj

        My frd also blocked my another no also. And leave from this group easily

  • Is any new ways to unblock someone on whatsapp

  • Saket

    I wanted to talk and propose a Girl through wHatsapp but i was blocked….But My Frnds Managed & I was Unblocked. !
    But this Creep thing of Blocking People Should bE rEMOVED
    and bro.Plz Make this trick happen……ITZ NOT WORKING

  • ali

    I did this many time I deleted my wtsaaps n install but still I m block.. I can’t msg :'( help me

    • You should try latest method, first method does not works in updated whatsapp

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